Let's get acquainted!
I’m Olga Pryakhina, a psychologist and a psychoanalyst.


In our age of high-tech and super high speed, while connected to rapid information flows, we increasingly miss wildlife, live music and live people – all the things, which we are unable to gain internal harmony and peace of mind without.


We all want to return to our own identities, to genuinely feel alive and learn to enjoy every new day…
We want to, but don’t know the way.

I’m ready to help you as this is my job, which I have been doing for more than 15 years.


On this site you can learn about me, about psychoanalytic services I offer, and about the ways individual sessions and group sessions are conducted. You can also sign up for a face-to-face consultation or consultation by telephone, e-mail, or Skype.


I also offer consultations for companies to improve psychological climate within a team. This is especially important for owners of businesses, where restructuring or change of leadership has taken place.


For people who are interested in psychology as a science this site has a section where I periodically publish my articles. You are welcome to read them here or subscribe to e-letter.


In addition, I offer psychologists to undergo a training program in psychoanalysis and take advantage of the supervision service.


Is stress a way of life for you?


Let’s change the rules of the game!


Even if you are not able to define your problem yet it makes sense to ask for a consultation.
I know from my own experience that in most cases the apparent problem is only a consequence of the true reasons for the present imbalance.
Are your children completely out of control?
Do your parents ignore your arguments?
Does your boss set imposible goals?
Or did your employees become unmanageble?
Did you fall out of love?
Or maybe on a contrary you long to get married?
Do you suffer a sudden creative crisis?
Is it time for a job change?
Are you having a hard time dealing with health problems?
Or has the death of a close person taken the meaning out of your life?


If life has become a solid web of problems, let’s solve them together!

Nobody has ever been able to avoid falls and errors, disappointments and sorrows.
But why some people can solve their problems while others get defeatted by them?
The answer seems to be simple. They win because they feel like winners.
The world is what we make of it and that includes us.
We all run through motions of our daily routines. Suddenly that routine breaks... and we are lost.


What should one do?
Should one build a new routine or recover the old one or maybe jump into someone else's daily motions?
Or is it possible to live without such daily planning?
There’s an answer for each of us. However, it’s not that easy to find it. A professional psychologist is very often the person who helps to make the right choice.
By the way, it doesn’t mean that psychoanalysis has to become your lifestyle, as in a hollywood movie (if you haven’t chosen it as a proffecion, of course).
Psychoanalysis was created as means of adaptation to difficult situations our life presents, neither more nor less.
That is why psychoanalysis is becoming more and more in demand.


Life asks us questions and we’ll find the right answers.


Best of luck! I am sure we'll meet again - here or in Skype.


на консультацию


Индивидуальные консультации

Как проходит индивидуальная консультация психолога? Вы мне звоните, или пишите, и мы с вами договариваемся о встрече в моем кабинете. Мы выбираем удобное для нас с вами время, договариваемся сообщить друг другу, что перезвоним, если что-то изменится у нас в расписаниях. Я так подробно пишу, потому что знаю, как это не просто впервые пойти к психоаналитику, или психологу.

Консультирование on-line

Это возможность получить для себя психологическую помощь, необходимую психотерапию по скайпу. При включенной либо отключенной видеокамере.

Групповая терапия

Группанализ — форма консультирования, при которой специально созданная группа людей регулярно встречается под руководством группаналитика для разрешения внутренних конфликтов.


Супервизия - это форма взаимодействия коллег, для профессионального становления и развития психолога/психоаналитика, которая сочетает в себе три задачи - обучающую, консультационную и поддерживающую.


В это предложение я вкладываю два способа взаимодействия с заказчиком.

Обучение психоанализу

Подробно и с возможность посмотреть жизнь нашего коллектива – Добро пожаловать в Новосибирский Институт Группового Анализа!